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Boscombe The RPG


You are Stoned Steve, you are skint, really skint… So skint you can’t afford your own weed! The worst kind of skint. Times are tough and it’s time for you to delve into the underworld. But it’s all OK.. You have a plan!

You arrive in Boscombe with nothing, fuck all! You know the fastest way to make some cash is to sell drugs… It always is. Tax free and easy, just find a weed dealer and you’re off. May as well dabble with a few other substances too huh! The aim of the game is to get out of Boscombe. Buy a house, do it up then take the money and run!

Seems easy, but then you’ll have Crackheads, Drunks, Hooligans and Old Ladies to deal with, let alone the Police who seem intent to ruin your plans.

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Download  : https://boscomberpg.itch.io/boscombe-rpg


Runs on Windows only.   Mac users can try using WINE (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org)

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